Drew Delavie is a German-based newcomer that is taking the music industry by storm. Performing publicly for the first time at the young age of nine, he has since honed his craft and taken his carreer to the next level by becoming a full time musician. What followed was a humbling yet inspiring time, during which he caught the attention of star choreographer Marvin A. Smith, American singer Onita Boone and several other creatives that are now a part of his journey. Drew’s music is guided by a keen sense for melody and lyrics that are either uplifting visions or honest accounts of his personal experiences. This fact is evident with the release of his highly anticipated debut single, which is set for release on May 28th. “OMG!” is jam-packed with stimulating pop synths, a throbbing bass, and Drew’s energizing vocals, showcasing the infatuation of teenage love. Play it once and we guarantee it will be on repeat until the next leapyear.

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